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Barlovento: The walks of Los Tilos and Marcos y Cordero

Those who want to discover the secret of La Palma's good water supply should take the hikes to Los Tilos and the Marcos y Cordero springs. The latter leads through 13 tunnels that were once laboriously cut out of the rock by hand to get to the water, which is so valuable for La Palma. The top of La Palma consists mainly of volcanic tuff, which is very porous and leads the water well. At an altitude of about 1.000 m, however, there is a massive lid of basalt rock that was originally formed many thousands of meters below sea level under the great pressure of the water and was brought to this height with the enormous eruption that La Palma once created. As basalt is waterproof, springs have been created at this interface that carry water all year round and provide us with drinking water of excellent quality. But the path to the springs was steep and surrounded by almost impenetrable jungle. For example, water channels and tunnels were built in particularly steep places to bring the water to the settlements. You can easily walk along these canals, as they have a gradient of only 3%. However, the tunnels are narrow and partly low. For this hike you should take waterproof shoes, a torch and better also a good head protection, as well as a rain jacket, because in the last tunnel the water already falls from the rock walls and runs everywhere on the ground. Nevertheless, an adventure that is worthwhile and will once again bring you closer to the diversity of La Palma.

Der Ausgangspunkt der Wanderung, gleichzeitig Ende des Wasserkanals von Marcos y Cordero
Barlovento: The hikes los Tilos and Marcos y Cordero
Einer der insgesamt 13 Tunnel bis zur Quelle
One of the 13 tunnels to the source
Urwald aus Loorbeer und Kiefer begleitet Sie bis zu den Quellen
jungle of laurel and pine will accompany you to the springs
Tiefe Schluchten mit steilen Hängen sorgen für imposante Wettergeschehnisse …
Deep canyons and steep slopes provide impressive weather events…
… die schnell wechseln.
... that change quickly.
Überlebenskünstler kanarische Kiefer, sie findet auch an fast senkrechten Wänden Halt …
Canarian pine survivor, she also finds support on almost vertical walls…
… und wächst zu imposanter Größe heran.
... and grows to imposing size.
Nebel wechselt sich im Minutentakt mit Sonne ab.
Fog alternates with sun every minute.
Nach ca. 2 Stunden erreichen Sie die Quelle von Marcos …
After about 2 hours you reach the spring of Marcos…
… und wenig später auch …
... and a little later …
… die Quelle von …
... the fountain of…
… Cordero.
… Cordero.
Wer eine längere Rundwanderung unternimmt, kann noch über Los Tilos …
Who undertakes a longer round hike, can still over Los Tilos…
… durch immergrünen Urwald …
... through evergreen jungle …
… zum Wasserfall weiterwandern oder diesen separat mit dem Auto anfahren.
... hike on to the waterfall or approach it separately by car.

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