Angel Immobilien SL, La Palma

General terms and conditions

1. Scope of activities: Mediation of properties to purchase or rent.

2. Fee: The brokerage fee falls due if a contract of purchase, a lease contract or a pre-contract comes off because of our mediation. A right to commission also arises if, as a result of our activities, the contracting parties enter into direct negotiations and these negotiations result in the conclusion of a contract between the parties.

We can be subject to commission from both parties.

3. Fee amount: With mediation of real estates, plots of land, flats or business establishments 3% of the actual purchase price (minimum 1.800 €) + I.G.I.C. (Canarian tax) is to compound. With conclusion of a pre-contract 2/3 of the brokerage falls due, the remaining 1/3 falls due with notarisation.
Seller as well as buyer are every commissionable with 3%. With conclusion of a lease contract landlord and leaser are commissionable with one monthly rent.

4. Due date: The respective commission payment falls due with conclusion of contract. Payments different to this are subject to an agreement in writing.

5. Proviso: All bids, sizes and prices are based on the instructions of the supplier to the best knowledge and belief and without compromise and under the proviso of error. The agent takes no responsibility its accuracy.

6. Acceptance of the general terms and conditions: With acceptance of our offers, that is to say, our office services as also with an issuance of a purchase of intermediation the client accept these general terms and conditions.

7. Confidentiality: Buyer and seller are urged to keep all their known contact details in confidence and not to give to third party.

8. Scale of business: Our due includes activities around the transaction of the purchase or letting of properties from the mediation up to the signing at the notary. Incidental external charges or fees from public authorities, lawyer, architects, notary and so on must be paid by the seller or buyer.

9. Court of jurisdiction 38760 Los Llanos de Aridane, Spain. Applicable law is the law of the kingdom Spain.

Anonymous data collection
You can visit our websites without telling us who you are. We do not save the name of your internet service provider, nor the website from which you visit us, nor the name of the requested file.

1. Enquiry and handling of personal data
Personal data are only collected if you provide it voluntarily when registering to our newsletter, the leaving of a comment or a question about a property on our questions-form.
We use information you insert in a form such as name, address and e-mail address for the purpose of individual communication with you. Please note that the transmission of the data is not encrypted, therefore no confidential information should be sent via the questions form.
In context of the registration of our newsletter you need to tell us your e -mail address. We use it solely to send you the newsletter. The newsletter contains information about new properties we offer. Your email address remains stored with us until you log out from our newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time by using the link in the newsletter or by a notice to us without incurring any costs but the transmission costs for the base rates. With cancellation you except to the use of your email address. Your email address will be deleted immediately with us.
On some of our websites, you can ask questions about the respective object. There you can specify your name, address and any questions or comments, these fields are all optional. These questions are answered by us in a personal email to you and stay with us saved until you ask for the deletion of email traffic or the operation is complete.

2. Further information and contacts
If you have any further questions concerning "data privacy with the Angel Properties SL“ , please contact us . You find the contact data in our legal notice. You can inquire at any time whether and which of your data is stored with us. In addition, you can send us information, disable, deletion and correction requests concerning your personal information and for revocations of consents granted, and feel free to send suggestions via e -mail or letter.

Angel Immobilien S.L.

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