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Cheap prices, all-season wonderful climate, tranquility and unconsumed nature: Buying a property on La Palma is becoming more attractive

Current topic: Market development

Real estate prices in Spain have risen significantly over the past two years, and prices on La Palma are also rising again, albeit moderately. The most noticeable development is in the demand for and the duration of the brokerage of new properties: while it took an average of two years between 2008 and 2014 to sell a property on La Palma, this period has shrunk to less than half a year. Since 2014, our portfolio has also declined considerably as a result of the recovery of the Spanish economy and the political developments in the world: if we had to offer 185 houses for sale in 2014, this number has been reduced to about one-third by 2017, with demand steadily rising and supply becoming increasingly scarce.

The reasons for this are not only in Spain's solid economic upswing, but also in the development of living conditions in traditionally economically strong countries of Europe - more and more people are longing for the peaceful and friendly treatment of people in regions like our small island and fleeing the hectic pace and unfriendliness of the stressful big cities. And certainly Europe's basic humanistic values and the associated security also play a major role in deciding on a new place to live - apart from the weather we enjoy every day.

Nevertheless, prices are still at a moderate level compared to other holiday regions. In view of the considerable shortening of the time the properties spent in our portfolio, however, we now recommend that decisions be made relatively quickly, as we have all too often had to experience last year that interested people had found their dream property, but while the decision phase was faster for another prospective buyer. Since the real estate market on La Palma is quite clear due to the smallness of our island, usually a very sad experience, because almost all properties are very individual and hardly comparable.

Current topic: Market development

Real estate prices in Spain have risen significantly over the past two years, and prices on La Palma are also rising again, albeit moderately. The most noticeable development is in the demand for and the duration of the brokerage of new properties: ...
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La Palma rightly carries the nickname "Isla Bonita" - the beautiful island. In addition to extensive pine and laurel forests, the huge erosion crater "Taburiente", the national park with primeval forest and year round water leading springs, fully preserved volcanic cones and natural beaches; it also has to offer culture and architecture. The general public is constantly working on the beautification and preservation of their, as a UN biosphere reservation specially protected home. The Roque de los Muchachos, with a height of almost 2.500 m, brings many different climate zones, which finds its counterpart in an overwhelming variety of vegetation and landforms. The summit of the Roque juts beyond the vegetation zone; from here you can enjoy the view of the caldera and the adjacent islands in archaic surroundings, revealing the history of the island. At odd times it is covered with a thick layer of snow in winter, an event for locals to have a picnic with snowball fight, while guests are swimming in the sea.
The romantic north accommodates laurel forests in the rugged high mountain that gives the walkers all year round shadow by a consistent green canopy of leaves. More than head-high ferns are supplied by all year round leading water streams.
Over the entire length of the island, on a height of about 800 and 1,900 m, extensive pinewoods, a canary-endemic species that has learned s to "milk" clouds to be feed from humidity, expand. The southern part of La Palma is the youngest; here are still unaltered lava fields and streams which impressively demonstrates the volcanic origin of the island. A very sweet wine is growing in black volcanic ash. On an altitude of 900-1400 meters above sea level a more acerbity wine is cultivated, which owes its incomparable taste the volcanic origin of the soil.

Crystal clear drinking and bathing water, clean air, and a year-round temperate climate also ensures a long and healthy life - La Palma has so many unusual ninety and hundred years old people, that even a book was written about them.
Many continental Europeans have already realized their dream of a property on La Palma, mostly starting with a holiday residence that changes to is a well-deserved retirement for permanent residence. In contradistinction to many other climatically privileged regions, however, the relation between local and foreign population is reasonable with around 10% share of foreigners. The relationship is and remains not only extremely friendly and respectful, but is regarded by all sides as a great asset.
In addition to the often-quoted gut feeling good reasoning speaks for the idea of ​​a real estate transaction in La Palma:

While insecure euro and wobbling government bonds the economy in Germany is still at a high level, but the Spanish real estate prices are still at a low level, although the Spanish economy is currently experiencing a significant increase. In August 2016, the number of real estate sold increased by 20% , industrial production by 7% - although (or probably more because) we currently have only a managing government. The altitude flight of the Swiss franc cheapened Palmerian real estates for Swiss citizens significantly. In contrast to gold, which is currently operating at historically high levels, many favorable opportunities for buying a property on La Palma offer instantly yet - apart from the very limited fun factor gold only has.
In addition there are the political agitation in the Arabic and African area, against which many guests are thinking about the security of the Canary Islands, and the nuclear disaster in Japan is not very long ago. More and more guests are looking for a safe home away from all the nuclear reactors and political unrest, and last but not least the legal security of a European state. The shopping spree of badly weathered and environmentally conscious mainland Europeans is enormous - so that the real estate prices on our beautiful island have also bottomed.
Besides the favorable opportunity a property on La Palma brings a future-proof investment just as much joy and fulfillment of life dreams. Even if on the European mainland uncertainties threaten - you can live very well with little money if you call a home your own on La Palma. We do not know as well as no heating costs and the, in Germany well known high costs for a car, energy, water, sewage, garbage, etc. are at such a low level that they are hardly worth mentioning. We are living in paradise - in harmony with nature, in peace and tranquility and of course without nuclear threat.

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