Internet connection

Meanwhile almost all estates on la Palma are connected to the Internet, the development of the net takes place with high speed. Many different technologies are currently available, so that a nationwide connection is possible. Technical solutions are:
  • Fiber optic cable - speeds up to 300 Mbit possible. The network is currently being expanded and is available e.g. in Los Llanos, in Puntagorda from January 2019...
  • Copper cable over the telephone network - speed up to 10 Mbit possible, depending on the distance to the next node
  • Radio over mobile network - available almost all over the island - speeds currently up to 10 Mbit possible
  • directional radio - possible if there is a line of sight to the next radio transmitter. Speeds up to 12 Mbit possible, at quite interesting prices
  • Satellite connection - 100% coverage of the whole island, speeds up to 22MBit possible, relatively expensive, but at least, it works in the most remote areas.